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by David M. Parrish on March 1, 2012


1. when my toilet was running (i also had a leaky faucet) my water bill was about … 4 times higher than normal. and that wasn’t an audible, visible leak; it was obvious but subtle. posted by msconduct at 12:03 PM on August 9, 2008

2. Around Christmas I fix two of my parents toilets and their water bill has dropped by $100 a month. They’re in Manchester, NH if that helps.
posted by Confess, Fletch at 12:38 PM on August 9, 2008

3. Also… according this site, the average cost per gallon across the US is $0.002. (“In Denver, Colorado and Phoenix, AZ, tap water costs about $.001 per gallon. In Tucson, AZ, tap water costs about $0.0025 per gallon. It Pittsburgh, PA, Washington, DC, Boston, MA, and other east coast cities, water costs around $.001. The average cost of water in Los Angeles, California is about $0.004 per gallon.”)

That would mean 14 days X 24 hours X 60 minutes X 2 gallons = 40, 320 gallons.

At .002 cents per gallon, that comes to $80.64.
posted by Fuzzy Skinner at 11:13 AM on August 9, 2008


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