Toilet Guardian-TG 1000

by David M. Parrish on January 25, 2012



No More Toilet Overflows,

No More High Water Bills

Because of Leaks and Stuck Open Flappers!



The Toilet Guardian is an electronic water valve that reads the changing water levels in the tank and bowl then shuts off the water to the toilet when a problem is detected.

It only takes minutes to install. Simply turn off the water to the toilet, remove the fill line from the fill valve, attach the Toilet Gurdian to the fill valve, reattach the fill line, turn the water back on and your toilet is operational again. Next install the small bowl sensor to the seat bolt for overflow protection. Last hang the tank sensor in the tank for leak detection and you are ready to start saving money and protecting your property. In under 10 minutes your protection is complete.

The system comes in three models:

1. TG 1000 A -offers complete protections including bowl overflow elimination and water conservation
2. TG 1000 B – bowl overflow elimination only.
3. TG 1000 T – water conservation and leak detection only.

Go right to the AquaOne Library to download and view Toilet Guardian Install Specification Sheets. Guides, User Manuals, Videos and more are also available for viewing and downloading.

How Does the Toilet Guardian Work?

A single float sensor rests quietly and unobtrusively inside the toilet tank and monitors for toilet leaks 24 hours a day. When any type of leak happens, the Toilet Guardian will shut off the water then alerts the user of the problem with an audible alarm as well as an easy to understand icon displayed on the integrated LCD screen. A second sensor can be attached under the toilet seat that senses a potential bowl overflow and shuts off the water supply to the tank. No more water, no possibility of an overflow and no water on the floor.

It’s so easy to install you don’t need a plumber…And it runs on a single lithium battery that doesn’t need replacing for over 3 years !

Stop $$$ loss be detecting and alerting to:

  • Leaky flapper
  • Stuck open flapper
  • Leaky fill valve
  • Cracked tank

Property Protection by shutting off the water:

  • Bowl overflow elimination
  • Tank leak protection
  • Tank overflow elimination

Design Features:

  • Twin ceramic disk valving
  • TI MSP430 microprocessor
  • Stainless steel solenoid tested to over 500,000 cycles
  • 3V lithium ion battery w/5 yr. life (replaceable)
  • Small, light weight, highly impact resistant plastic
  • 0 to 125 psi operating pressure
  • LCD icon display identifies the problem
  • Piezo buzzer for audible alert

According to the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and the AWWA (American Water Works Association) the toilet is the number one cause of high water bills in the country.

You can choose from o1 of  3 Models

Toilet Guardian  – Model




Product Options
1TG 1000 A - Overflow and Water Conservation$99.00
2TG 1000 B - Bowl Overflow Only$89.00
3TG 1000 T - Water Conservation Only$89.00
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