Toilet Guardian Elite – Model TG-1000 A

by David M. Parrish on January 16, 2012

SaToilet Guardianve Money. Save Water.      Protect your property. Protect your investment.

Toilet Guardian, TG 1000A
With GO GREEN Leak Detection plus Overflow Elimination.

Saves Water.                             • Eliminates overflows.
• Ceramic disc valve.                 •  Shuts off water to the toilet
• Installs in minutes.                 •No water hits the floor
•LCD display identifies the problem quickly.
• Runs on replaceable battery for over 500,000 cycles.

Shuts off the water BEFORE it costs money or causes damage.According to the EPA, 1 out of 5 toilets have a “silent leak” which can waste up to 500 gallons per day. Both the EPA and the AWWA (American Water Works Association) claim the toilet is the number one cause of high water bills in the country.
The revolutionary design of the Toilet Guardian combines state of the art electronics with a top of the line ceramic valve disc system to completely protect you against high water bills and potential property damage related to toilets. No more cleaning up after an overflow; just bring the plunger and NOT the mop.

The system runs on a single, replaceable coin cell battery that has been tested to over 500,000 cycles. That’s more cycles than the average toilet flushes in a lifetime!

The unit is easy to install and does NOT require a plumber. Simply remove the water supply line from the toilet, attach the Toilet Guardian ceramic auto-shutoff valve to bottom of the fill valve, reattach the water line and your toilet is back in operation.  The two independent sensors act together to eliminate toilet overflows and save water. Use one or both. Comes in three different configurations: Elite, Overflow Protection Only or Water Conservation Only.

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