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by David M. Parrish on March 20, 2012

An overflowing toilet is an incredibly annoying event that can be quite disgusting. While the overflowing toilet is the most obvious problem, it may not be the most damaging. The vast majority of toilet issues involve less obvious “silent leaks.” The Toilet Guardian can stop both the overflow problem as well as the less noticeable issues to help save money and conserve water.

Most toilets leak at some point. You may have noticed an outrageous rise in your water bill or heard that annoying “hissing” sound that you choose to mostly ignore. More commonly there will be no obvious sign of a problem, which is why it is known as a silent leak. The problem is that this is drinking water leaking from your toilet, and you are paying for it.

Most likely it’s a leaky flapper or perhaps a mis-adjusted floater ball. More seriously it could be a broken fill valve, which will require a plumber. Whatever the reason, in those few days that you choose to ignore the leak easily hundreds if not thousands of gallons of water have been wasted.

According to American Leak Detection a leaking toilet can waste as much as 90,000 gallons of water over the span of a month. And that wasted water can add $500 to your annual bill1. The Toilet Guardian solves these problems by simply shutting down the water flow into the tank based on excess use.

The Toilet Guardian is a third-generation smart valve attaches between the water supply tube and the tank with two sensors, one in the tank and one in the bowl. The Toilet Guardian monitors changing water levels in the tank and bowl and will shut off the water if any excess water loss occurs.

The Toilet Guardian fits any tank type toilet (including pressure assisted) and it only takes minutes to install! Read More or go right to our Testimonials page. Features include ceramic disc valve with over 500, 000 life cycles.

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1. Facts provided by American Leak Detection and Water Online.


Toilet Overflows Now Have A Computerized Solution

by David M. Parrish on February 22, 2012

Toilet Overflow are the most annoying and embarrassing events to any home owner. What about if you’re visiting someones home? ACK!

Toilet Guardian actually solves this problem before it happens. The unit connects to the valve at the back of the toilet while 1of 2 sensors is located in the bowl. When the unit senses an overflow is about to happen the unit actually shuts the water off at the source stopping the annoying overflow.

The system also will shut off the water when there is a silent leak. Once the unit inside the tank senses a inconsistent pattern from a stuck open flapper or a leaking flapper then the unit will also shut off the water.

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Reduce your monthly water bill up to 20% per month…EVERY MONTH !!!!SAVE WATER NOW! TOILET GUARDIAN

  • Eliminate water loss from stuck open flappers.
  • Eliminate water loss from leaky fill valves.
  • Eliminate water loss from leaky flappers.
  • SPECIAL BONUS:  Eliminate Toilet Overflows FOREVER.

The Toilet Guardian is the third generation of electronic water valves that reads the changing water levels in the tank and bowl and shuts off the water when a problem is detected. It fits any tank type toilet (including pressure assisted) and it only take minutes to install !  Read More or go right to ourTestimonials page. Features include ceramic disc valve with over 500, 000 life cycles.

NO water hits the floor, no water gets wasted.

Your water bill comes down.

No other valve offers you complete protection.

No other valve offers you complete peace of mind.

Protect your investment, protect your health and never worry again about your toilet.

100% ROI is possible in the FIRST year or the FIRST prevented overflow.

Don’t wait because  accidents don’t wait either !!

Toilet Guardian-TG 1000

by David M. Parrish on January 25, 2012



No More Toilet Overflows,

No More High Water Bills

Because of Leaks and Stuck Open Flappers!



The Toilet Guardian is an electronic water valve that reads the changing water levels in the tank and bowl then shuts off the water to the toilet when a problem is detected.

It only takes minutes to install. Simply turn off the water to the toilet, remove the fill line from the fill valve, attach the Toilet Gurdian to the fill valve, reattach the fill line, turn the water back on and your toilet is operational again. Next install the small bowl sensor to the seat bolt for overflow protection. Last hang the tank sensor in the tank for leak detection and you are ready to start saving money and protecting your property. In under 10 minutes your protection is complete.

The system comes in three models:

1. TG 1000 A -offers complete protections including bowl overflow elimination and water conservation
2. TG 1000 B – bowl overflow elimination only.
3. TG 1000 T – water conservation and leak detection only.

Go right to the AquaOne Library to download and view Toilet Guardian Install Specification Sheets. Guides, User Manuals, Videos and more are also available for viewing and downloading.


Toilet Guardian Videos: YouTube

by David M. Parrish on January 1, 2012

  1. The cost of water waste and damage potential from toilets.
  2. Complete Installation Video of the dual sensors and shut-off valve.
  3. Quick Guide to the auto shut off features.