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by David M. Parrish on May 21, 2012

Handicapped Child

I just wanted to write you a short letter about my experience with your product after over a year or so.

I remember calling to make my order and talked to David.  Sadly I’ve lost that email account’s archives so I no longer have my correspondence with your company.  But I can say a few things, first, David was great, he was extremely nice, and I enjoyed the communication.  Second, the device was easy to install and had been a life saver since.

We have an handicapped child, which, one of her habits is to go to the bathroom on a very frequent  manner and when we don’t notice, she tends to use all the toilet paper available, so sadly, we have a clogged toilet on a very regular basis. We’ve had so many messes and we feared for water damage to the house.  But since we installed your device, it has flawlessly performed it’s duty, and has saved the situation many… so many times.

But anyways, as in the last 2 weeks, we have a situation where the device was activated several times (it’s been a about once a month scenario for all this time until now),  which made me think that I should take some time and write you a thank you note, which this is.  So thanks again for your incredibly useful product (which I believe that ALL toilets in the world should have).  And if you ever need recommendations, feedback, testimonial, feel free to contact me or use this letter. Sincerely, Jean-Pierre Guertin, May 21, 2012

Thanks for making a great product!

With four children I’ve had multiple toilet overflows on the second floor of my house. Some of those overflows lead me to cut holes in my first floor ceiling to relieve the pressure due to the water dripping through the sheet rock. After paying $100 to have the ceiling repair one year, the next year (after another big overflow) I paid an additional $500 for the ceiling to be repaired in the same spot.

I asked at Home Depot, Lowes and a plumbing supply store if there was any device that would turn the water off when an overflow was about to occur. No one seemed to know of any such device. I searched the internet and came across AquaOne’s Toilet Guardian. I was skeptical at first but thought I had nothing to lose. I purchased two Toilet Guardians for a fraction of what the ceiling repairs cost me and installed one on each of my second floor toilets. The installation was simple and within the first few weeks I witnessed the Toilet Guardian stop 2-3 overflows.

Thanks for making a great product!  Matt Pisani, NJ, Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, April 2012

I wish that I had known of Toilet Guardian before the eleven thousand dollar overflow!

About seven years ago, I had an overflow in my second floor toilet. The overflow came down through my kitchen ceiling over my refrigerator. Not very pleasant to say the least!  Several months later, my husband flushed the toilet and we went to bed. However the toilet had overflowed and ran all night. In the morning, we discovered the mess. We put in a claim to our insurance company. There was eleven thousand dollars in damage, and furthermore, the insurance company cancelled our policy. At that point, I searched the Internet to find something that would protect an overflow from every happening again. I found AquaOne and their Toilet Guardian. Although my second floor bathroom was the main culprit, I purchased three Toilet Guardians, one for each of my three toilets. Although my toilet periodically gets clogged, it has never overflowed. The Toilet Guardian shuts off the water. I do a quick plunge of the toilet and turn the “open valve” of the Toilet Guardian and all is well again. I can rest assured that I will never have any overflow again. I wish that I had known of Toilet Guardian before the eleven thousand dollar overflow!     Margaret Gundal-Dedham, MA October 2011

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