About Us

Mission Statement

“To become a leader in water control technology through designing and building water saving green products that assist and improve the environment, save money for our customers and increase shareholder wealth.”

How We Accomplish Our Mission Statement

SaGreen and Blue Logove water, Save the planet.

In the time it takes you to read these few short paragraphs, a single stuck open flapper in a toilet wasted 10 gallons or more of fresh drinking water[i].  An unmonitored shower head left wide open until the water got warm, 12 gallons of water wasted[ii]. A broken sprinkler valve spilled 20 gallons of water into the street[iii]. Add to that the  energy wasted to pump the water in, treat it on the way out, or to clean up the river where the street drain left it. That’s a lot of money, water and energy down the drain.

Today, a single faucet dripped another 5- 20 gallons at one tiny drip every 1-5 seconds. Drip, drip. 128 million households. Countless offices, factories, hospitals, universities, hotels. Drip, drip. One million, 5 million, 10 million gallons per day? (Note:The Hoover dam  has a maximum flow of of only 299,200 gallons per day.) Trillions per year? Very likely.

239 million adults living in the US.  Another 74 million or so children.[iv] That equates to estimated billions of  gallons of drinking water that goes into the sewer systems monthly.

Water waste. At least ten times this week, you saw it, heard it, experienced or caused it and probably did nothing about it. But your busy. We understand, we can help.

Whether our engineers invented it, designed it, improved it or just beat it to its breaking point before they approved it, our products stop the loss. They stop the water loss, they stop the energy waste, they stop the ‘water’ buck where it belongs; in your pocket. Not only do they conserve water, they protect your property by keeping the water where it belongs; in your pipes, your sinks, you toilets, your washing machines; just not on the floor. We love our engineers, you should too.

Water conservation and property protection.  It’s not just part of our mission statement, it’s our life. It’s our children’s welfare and our dreams for our grandchildren. Its our commitment to our investors. We are AquaOne Technologies. We’re growing  by stopping water waste… one drop at a time, one product at a time, one country at a time.

Conserve, Contain, Complete. The world has a problem, we have solutions.

[i] At 2.5 gallons per minute for 4 minutes. That 1200 gallons per 8 hour work day.
[ii] 3 gallons per minute x 4 minutes. Twice a day, every day = 8700 gallons per year because of just one person.
[iii] 20 minute cycle time equals 100 gallons per day. 3 times per week water schedule is 15,600 gal/yr.
[iv] http://www.census.gov/popest/national/asrh/NC-EST2007-sa.html


Save Water, Save the Planet.


Gregory W.  Irvin, President

Greg Irvin joined the company in February 2009. Greg is a native Californian and a graduate of the University of Southern California. As president of a family owned company he helped grow it to one of the largest in its industry. The entrepreneurial and management skills learned while driving the family business to a an over half billion dollar company have been integral to building a second successful business that may have the  potential to substantially reduce US water use.

David M. Parrish, Chief Operating Officer

David has been with the company since 2005. David is part of the design and engineering team for the Toilet Guardian, that first launched the H2Orb and helped conceptualize and design the Fish’n Flush.  Three and half years of engineering study before switching disciplines to finance and economics has helped him to fill the multiple roles needed with any start up company.

Prior to joining AquaOne David was president of a day trading firm, owned his own marketing company, and held general manager positions in the hospitality industry. He is a graduate of Memphis State University and holds an Master of International Management from Thunderbird, The American Graduate School of International Management where he studied international finance and marketing as well as furthered his competency in Mandarin Chinese through intensive language classes.


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