Toilet Guardian Toilet Guardian

Toilet Guardian



Eliminate Overflows  ……  Eliminate Water Loss from Leaks and Stuck Flappers

Battery operated, auto-shut for valve for toilets. Third generation auto shut-off valve quickly attaches to your existing fill valve at the water connection under the tank. Two independent water level sensors monitor all functions of your toilet then alert’s you and shuts off the water to the toilet when a problem is detected. No more overflows, no higher water bills due to leaks or stuck open flappers. Any one can install it !!

The overflow elimination function is especially great for homes with toddlers, children with disabilities and seniors with memory loss (Alzheimers) while the  leak detection feature is GUARANTEED to save you money on your water bill. (According to the EPA, the toilet is the number one cause of high water bills in the US.)

Patented design features superior Texas Instrument MSP430 technology, replaceable battery (five year life), ceramic disk valve and high impact and chemical resistant materials. Each unit under goes over 15 function, design and manufacturing tests before shipping.

Never worry again that your quick trip to the toilet could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in property damage or hundreds to thousands of dollars in water bills.


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